TN/VA Tri-Cities' Communities

Welcome to the award-winning communities of Tennessee and Virginia’s Tri-Cities region. Broken into the three cities of Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol, the total population that is strewn throughout the combined metropolitan area is in excess of 300,000. Many of the pocket communities of the Tri-Cities have a long and storied past. In fact, many of the communities that are along the Tennessee/Virginia border have been front-and-center to America’s rise to becoming the greatest country on earth. From country music to Capone and Prohibition-era speakeasies, life in the cities of Johnson City, Kingsport, or Bristol might be quiet but it is never dull.

About Bristol

If you’ve never thought it was possible to be in two places at once, you’ve clearly never been to the Tri-Cities, or more specifically, Bristol, which is a city that is both in Tennessee and Virginia. Despite being the least populous of the Tri-Cities, Bristol has a large reputation, having been officially designated “The Birthplace of Country Music” and annually hosting a NASCAR Sprint Cup event.

About Johnson City

As a family-centric city, Johnson City is one of the most economically diverse communities of Tennessee and features a strong workforce in the healthcare and education sectors. As a compassionate community, Johnson City’s residents take an active role in community-improving initiatives. It’s that community support that has driven the community to be winners of multiple awards including Tennessee’s Greenest City award. With a wide array of activities including hiking, lakeside concerts at the community amphitheater, and various family-oriented events throughout the year, there’s something fun for everyone in Johnson City.

About Kingsport

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians, Kingsport is a city that is driven by the members of the community. Filled with local art galleries, chic cafes, and live music venues, the old buildings of the historical downtown reflects the history and traditions that have made this vibrant city shine. Along the banks of the Holston River, many residents explore the 10 miles of walking, biking and hiking trails that wind their way through open meadows, marshes and the city’s many beautiful and unique neighborhoods.

Explore more about these areas and the fantastic communities that are dotted throughout Tennessee's Tri-Cities region in our featured communities below.

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