Make your HOME a HOUSE When Selling...Go Upside Down

Posted by Lynn Byrd on Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 at 11:51am.

Make Your HOME a HOUSE When Selling

Go Upside Down

You’ve heard the expression of making one’s house a home.  Buyers do this when they move into a property and begin the process of adding their personal items to put themselves or their family’s imprint upon their new living quarters.  

We don’t talk as much about the process when you’re selling a home but it’s really the same--just in REVERSE.  It’s like you’re turning it all upside down.

You’re converting your HOME into a HOUSE.  

See the difference there?   

A home is a place imbued with your personality--it’s where you raise your family, have your pets, go though rites of passage, etc.   Rightfully, homes have emotions attached to them.

A HOUSE  is like the blank canvas artists use to create masterpieces.  

Sadly, though, if you were a painter, you would have a hard time visualizing a new painting if you were shopping for canvasses and the folks at the supply store kept presenting you canvasses with the Mona Lisa already painted on them.  You know they’d get the job done (if you could blank them) but the Mona Lisa is a powerful, well-known, painting that would distract from your new project. 

The same holds true when you’re selling your home; it would be nice present buyers a totally blank canvas but most people have to live in the house they’re selling while they have the house on the market.  

That’s why it’s important to neutralize the space as much as possible.  

When you sell a home, in order to give your property a fair chance to appeal to a buyer, a conversion process takes place.  You have to convert it, as much as possible, back into a HOUSE.

You’ve seen it countless times on real estate television shows.  A real estate agent comes to visit or a professional home stager is hired.   The unsuspecting couple gets their feelings hurt because they are told to make the walls beige or take down all the cute pictures of their daughter’s first bike ride.  They are told to put away all the dog toys. The crocheted yard-stick covers Aunt Barbara slaved over for the entire family have to be put far back in a cabinet somewhere.  The orange placemats on the dining table get replaced with something more neutral.

The sellers really want to sell their property but they get a little sad because they’re having to go through the process of letting go of their idea of HOME in order to move into the next phase of their lives.  

But this is exactly what most buyers need in order to be able to visualize their things in their potentially new space.  Admittedly, though, it’s often the most difficult part of the seller’s journey after the decision is made to sell.

Don’t underestimate the power of this process to stir emotions.  In fact, that’s quite normal.

When you list your home with the Byrd Home Team, we guide you through the process of turning your lovely home back into a house so that you can select a new house to make into a  new home with ease and grace.

We put our over 100 years of combined real estate experience into your needs and the needs or your property.  Well give you pointers on getting it staged, and we will literally walk with you the entire way throughout the process until the property is SOLD.  

It is our pleasure to get you RESULTS!  


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