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Establishing your online presence can be exciting. But once you settle back into the daily grind, it's easy to let your website and social profiles fall into a state of neglect. Luckily, you don't need to do a complete overhaul. Here are a few simple ways to refresh your online presence.

1. Update Your Profiles
If you've recently changed your business address, phone or email but haven't updated your online profiles, you could be losing business. Even referral leads search for you online before making contact, and you never know which profile a prospect is going to view. If one of your profiles is inaccurate or out of date and a prospect can't successfully contact you, they may move on to the next agent.

And don't forget to update your…

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Make Your HOME a HOUSE When Selling

Go Upside Down

You’ve heard the expression of making one’s house a home.  Buyers do this when they move into a property and begin the process of adding their personal items to put themselves or their family’s imprint upon their new living quarters.  

We don’t talk as much about the process when you’re selling a home but it’s really the same--just in REVERSE.  It’s like you’re turning it all upside down.

You’re converting your HOME into a HOUSE.  

See the difference there?   

A home is a place imbued with your personality--it’s where you raise your family, have your pets, go though rites of passage, etc.   Rightfully, homes have emotions attached to them.

A HOUSE  is like the blank canvas artists…

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Why choose a real estate team? 

Want a maximum level of service combined with more real estate experience than you thought humanly possible?   

Choosing a real estate team such as the Byrd Home Team gives you the benefit of not just one agent but an entire of group of real estate professionals who are dedicated to selling your house or helping you find your perfect home or property.  

Think of it this way:  any good real estate agent knows the market in his or her area of service and will have access to all the listings available in the inventory.  A real estate team is able to go further. A few advantages to choosing a team:

  • You get the experience of everyone, not just a single agent.

  • A team has more leads than a single…

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