Tri-Cities Real Estate

The Tri-Cities of Kingsport, Johnson City and Bristol are the economic powerhouse that is situated in the northeast corner of Tennessee and spilling over into the neighboring state of Virginia. The area of Kingsport in particular is home to some of the most robust healthcare sectors in the state, as well as the academic branches of the University of Tennessee.

Although there are many diverse communities that make up the sum of the tri-cities, Johnson City is the only area with more than 50,000 residents. Places such as Kingsport, Bristol and Bloomingdale are a close second, while the smaller communities of Piney Flats, Gray and Sulphur Springs have significantly less density, which is often reflected in the real estate prices and the amount of land for sale that accompany the area’s homes. The Tri-Cities have been winners of prestigious awards such as the All-America City award, which is the oldest program in the nation and recognizes communities with exceptional citizens that locate and fix community-wide challenges.

There are ten facilities for higher education in the tri-cities region. Some of the top colleges and universities that are dotted throughout the many communities of the Tri-Cities include:

  • Emory and Henry College
  • East Tennessee State University
  • Northeast State Community College
  • Emmanuel Christian Seminary
  • King University
  • Milligan College

About Kingsport

As a city of historical significance, Kingsport has been at the epicenter of many events that helped shape America as it is today. Kingsport was one of the earliest examples of a planned city, which designated specific areas for commercial, residential, and industrial purposes. The area has a multitude of schools including eight elementary schools, two middle schools, and a handful of alternative schools and private academies. Some of the most popular neighborhoods for residents to purchase Kingsport real estate are:

  • Green Acres
  • Edinburgh
  • Colonial Heights
  • Ridgefields
  • Fair Acres
  • Preston Hills and Preston Forest

About Bristol

Not to be confused with the twin city in Virginia, the Tennessee community of Bristol was declared as the “Birthplace of Country Music” by the US Congress. Located directly on the Virginia/Tennessee State line, the area is popular for a variety of reasons, especially among NASCAR fans, as the area hosts a popular Sprint Cup event annually. The community has five elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. Deerfield Acres, Downtown and Weaver are some of the most popular neighborhoods of the city of Bristol, TN.

About Johnson City

The community of Johnson City is spread out across three counties—Washington, Carter and Sullivan—the majority of the city is situated in Washington County, however. It is said, at least by local folklore, that Johnson City played a significant role during the Prohibition, earning the nickname of “Little Chicago”. It is even said that the infamous Al Capone had a home in Johnson City. As with Kingsport, Johnson City has eight elementary schools, and a handful of middle, high and alternative schools. The top neighborhoods in Johnson City are:

  • The Ridges
  • Gates of Highland
  • The Tree Streets
  • Town Acres
  • Gray
  • Westover

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